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Super Jumy

it is a board game in which the player to finish it needs to reach to block 65 , but every block has a puzzle or question or a little game he/she needs to pass , if passed he/she gets score , if not passed losses life ... and there are blocks of surprise gifts and powerup gifts to double and triple score , the rolling number which consist of (1,3,4,5) are the steps he/she can walk a turn , so it depends so much on the luck to get a real high score or just a regular one , or even die in the middle without a good score , all depends at the luck of the player , and if the player plays this game 100 times , he/she will always get a new luck , I think its a fun game and has chalange at the same time . Instructions: use the Random PLAY button to start playing , each block will have instrucions for the game that is there.

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