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Flash Conflict Demo

Conflict is real-time strategy game based on defense mission: You are the leader of a small army and must cope with the sustained assaults of your old rival : Mr Black Poney. Your role will be to prevent by all means the ennemies units to penetrate in ours cities to perform their evils plans ( particularly that of destroying the houses of innocents civils). To do that, you have an arsenal of fixed weapons running with dioxygen who's massively produced by plants ( i.e: carrots , chokapique and chewingum ) So over vast extended of plants that you'll deploy your defenses to eradicate the enemy threat. Instructions: Use the "camera" pannel to control the camera, or click & drag the map when the CTRL Key is down. To create a tower, select the icon in the panel and click on the green zone of the map( grass and tree ) 6 kinds of towers are available : -Tower with Air to Ground Missile: A tower like gatling,multi-purpose, it attacks as well tanks as helicopters. Reletively cheap, it isn't very strong or resistant. However, it is very usefull against a group ( like white beans). -Tower Anti Grounded: A tower with laser pulses, who concentrates its beam on a landed enemy until his destruction. This weapons makes a lot of damages among enemy troops, but is vulnerable at Air attacks. It's preferable to didn't know how you have purchased this technology, isn't it ? -Tower Anti Air: A AAA battery capables to reduce to death the insolents helicopters. Don't hope attack tanks with that , but you must know that this weapon are the best in his category.

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