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Brutal Max

Brutal Max is an adventure game on Go To Flash Games. The game has a story. Max pissed off the Emperor and is now somewhat of a fugitive. He recently returned from a vacation in Bermuda with some gold digging floozy, but with a body that is well worth the risk. Meanwhile, Indie, his side kick, has been imprisoned in the Emperor’s dungeon. Max gets home from his vacation and sees the 33 messages on his answering machine from Indie pleading for Max to come and rescue him. Max, knowing full well that this is a trap, decides to go to the Emperor’s fortress anyway to save his beloved friend. You can use arrow keys to move Max and be careful about the Emperor’s guards holding axe. Max was an ex-gladiator before and turned to be a mercenary recently. His favorite food is peanut butter and sardines. His favorite movie is the making of the 2005 SI Swim Suit Edition. And Indie’s favorite food is snake-ka-bobs, while the Emperor’s guard “Axer” likes eating anything that moves. You should try to survive and rescue Indie successfully. Don’t hit the skulls pile on the platforms, or your health will decrease. Good luck!

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