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Dragon Fist 2

Dragon Fist 2 is a fighting game on Go To Flash Games in which you fight against a number of opponents using personal attack skills. The dragon master is back. This time however he has brought a powerful weapon with him known as the dragon blade. Nobody knows where this weapon came from, but it is clear that whoever owns the blade will have great power. A few people are very interested… The object of the game is to defeat ten opponents that will get slightly harder each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks and also, your character’s special move. When your opponents’ life bar has completely disappeared, you have won. You will be rewarded with extra points if you manage to hit your opponent several times quickly or keep him up in the air. Do not forget to block. The hard punch and hard kick may seem slow, but mastering these is the key to win the game. Backflips are a good way to quickly move out of danger. You can select your character from Shaolin, Wu Tang, Ninja, Green Serpent, Master Cheng, Dragon Soldier, Lo Ki, Chingamy Yip, Onochi Takahashi, Master Kwun, Tang Mo Kei, Wong Su, Shun Lau, or Red Flower. You can choose your weapons from sword, knife, stick, spear, or halberd. Good luck!

Oyun Puanı: 5
Oynanma: 8,472
5-Excellent 4-Very Good 3-Good 2-Fair 1-Poor
's Profile Ziyaretçi - China 2011-09-17
Kudos! What a neat way of tihknnig about it.
's Profile Ziyaretçi - Ghana 2010-09-04
nice and interesting game
's Profile Ziyaretçi - Nigeria 2010-03-29
's Profile Ziyaretçi - United States 2009-11-29
this is a really good game Im also a member

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